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Month – May 2015

Save your troops in Carveola Incident

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Do you love shooting games plus zombies and missions? Then Carveola Incident is perfect game for you. Carveola Incident is a game wherein you have to protect your troops and kill all the zombies that invaded the city. This game has two game modes, the first is challenge mode, and the survival mode. The Challenge mode has six challenges. And once you finished all the task and pass all the challenges, you can have an achievement award. While on the Survival mode, of course you need to survive together with your troops as long as you can. You can also buy infantry to help you with your mission. You can earn different achievements like headhunter, striker, humanist and many more while playing both game modes. Take note that zombies are not easy to kill. You have to shoot them continuously so that they cannot get closer to your soldiers. So, are you up for the challenge and kill all the zombies?

Carveola Incident

Kill in Green Lantern Crimson Clash

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Do you want to be a hero even for a day? A new game full of action and surprises is here to get you addicted to flash games once more, the Green Lantern Crimson Clash! You will play as Green Lantern and you need to fight Red Lantern. You have special abilities like flying and shooting. You also have Willpower as your health but you should use this to damage your enemies. Use arrow keys to control your character and X key to shoot your enemies. You can also convert your combo to gain more Willpower by pressing the spacebar.
Keep in mind that you should be careful with your enemies as they are serious to kill you and destroy your defense. You will surely enjoy the good graphics of this game. Even the sound effects will get your adrenaline rush to the game. So, call your friends no and enjoy being a hero even for a day!

Green Lantern  Crimson Clash

Share Return Man World with friends

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Looking to play football while playing an online game on your computer screen? Enjoy this Return Man World game and your role is doing one of the two jobs, either be a receiving catcher or be a defending blocker. Search google and find this game, you will find some websites offering this game to play free of any cost. Many advanced features can be viewed in this game whether you play it online or download it on your PC and then play it offline.
First of all make sure to be familiar with this game, and once you get some experience then share it with you friends and invite them to compete with you to achieve the high score. The game has many versions, but the first version is basic and contains all things you will need in advanced installments.

Return Man World

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