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Month – June 2015

Devilish Moto Trial: Ride As Fast As Possible

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This is a quite exciting and dynamic game designed for those who like extreme biking. It is mostly popular in United States, but also all over the world. If you like challenge and fun, Devilish Moto Trial is something you should try. At the beginning, you choose racers and a type of a bike. When you do that, the adventure can get started. You have to keep your balance because of the steep trail. Control the rider by using your keyboard. You should ride your bike as fast as you can, but be aware of some obstacles in the way, like hills, ladder and other stuff.
The aim of Devilish Moto Trial is to avoid the obstacles and try not to crash. While riding, you can also collect bonuses to increase your speed. You should finish the game in a record time and then you can move to the next level.

Devilish Moto Trial

Build flying machines in Learn to Fly 4

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The Learn to Fly series has come up with its new edition which is the Learn to Fly 4. Since it is already the fourth version, it is timely to level up the play of this series. It still has the main goal of making the penguin fly but now, it also needs to build or create flying machines from scratch. The penguin has already battled with icebergs, snowmen and other obstacles. It is now time for the penguin to build efficient flying machines. But how will the penguin do that? You will know the answered if you continue to scroll down. The penguin needs to do the usual jumping and bouncing to earn enough money to purchase certain materials that can be used in building the machine. The penguin can use the bobsled and glider to reach greater heights.
The machine that the penguin needs to build first is the plane, which is, consists of the propeller, body, and wings. The most powerful machine that can be created to reach tremendous height is the rocket. Learn to Fly 4 is indeed a level up with the flash game series Learn to Fly.

learn to fly

Stay off the Wall in Maze Game 8

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Searching for a game that will test your concentration and patience? Play Scary Maze Game 8 and see for yourself how far can you concentrate on this game. This is a puzzle game series and many gamers have found it addicting. In this version of Scary Maze Game, you have to lead the man carrying a gun to the finish line. You can do that by just moving your mouse to the right direction. You can relax your hand because you don’t need to drag or click anything. However, you should be very careful and stay away from the walls.
This is a very challenging game because the path is narrow and once you shake your hand a little bit your character will explode. If you are good enough and you have reached higher levels, then accidentally hit the wall, well, sorry for you because you have to start again from the first level!

Maze Game 8

Nurture the most fearsome worm in Effing Worms

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You’ve heard of anaconda, you’ve heard of dinosaurs. Now, it’s time for you to hear about this amazing giant worm in this equally amazing game, Effing Worms! Take care and nourish you own worm in this game by helping it satisfy its hunger and feed on the poor creatures unlucky enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. To maneuver your form, simply use the WASD keys. Maneuver your worm skillfully so you can help it survive longer. Remember, the more you eat, the faster your worm will grow, and the more upgrades you can gain. To know more about the game, check out their new address.
To experience the joy of nurturing something and helping it grow to be a fearsome creature, play Effing Worms now! Watch your from grow and be the proudest parent ever.

Effing Worms

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