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Month – July 2015

Operate Now: Appendix Surgery- Hands On

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Do you want to feel how to be a surgeon? Experience the pressure of performing a thrilling operation only through your browser with Operate Now: Appendix Surgery. In this medical game, you are a surgeon. A mother brings her girl to you and asks you to treat her daughter’s condition. The girl, named Tara, had been experiencing stomach ache. And that may be appendicitis. What you have to do is follow the guidelines flashed on the side. Step by step instructions will be given to you. First, you will do a check-up, and confirm if it is positive. Then, you will do an operation. Tools will be flashed below too.
You will have to choose the appropriate tools for certain actions. What makes it challenging is that, you must finish the operation within five minutes. So, if you want to feel the tension of being a surgeon, Operate Now: Appendix Surgery is the game for you.

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It is all about football in Return Man World

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Are you a football enthusiast or a player? Do you love the catcher or defender’s position? If you are affirmative with both the questions then you will surely love the offerings Return Man World has. It is a game compilation about Football. This particular sports has been emerging as one of the most popular in the entire world because of three reasons. One is because it is a ball game. Two is because it is a team sports. Three is because it is very entertaining. To find out what the games are, Just visit www.returnmanworld.com for full details.
There are over ten games that you will find in Return Man World. The objectives of each game are probably the same because the players have to play a typical football game and the only difference is that the games offers different level of difficulty. The games included are Return Man 1, Return Man 2, Return Man 2:Zombies, Mud Bowl, Return Man 3 and more.


Paper Defense: Build Your Strategy

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This is a quite addicting game. It has very easy controls, but you can find it pretty difficult to play. At the beginning of the game you can choose easy, normal or hard mode. If you are the beginner, you can try easy one which contains some useful tutorials to help you manage it. Paper Defense is a kind of strategy games, which requires you to be very skillful. In Paper Defense, you are keeping a trophy inside the walls.
Enemies are attacking from all sides to take your trophy, and you have to upgrade your walls to increase the level of protection. You have to face 50 waves of attacks of enemies, and to defeat them you will need guns and units and you will need to upgrade them. This game can be very relaxing, and it is definitely recommended to fill your spare time.


Vex 2: Platform Adventure

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At a first glance this game may seem simple, but actually it’s not. Normally, as you move thorough the levels, it becomes more difficult. Vex 2 is a game with a stick figure that moves through the platform with a lot of challenging obstacles that need to be overcome. In comparison with earlier parts, this one has even more obstacles. This is an action game, full of adventure and fun. Vex 2 is composed of ten Acts which include various obstacles. Your stick figure will have to run, jump, climb the walls, slide and even duck to overcome these obstacles. There are also some achievements available that you will find more difficult to manage as you progress through the game. To complete those achievements you need to collect stars, which isn’t always so easy. And another awesome thing is that you can build your own stage! You can play it at www.vex3.net/vex-2.

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