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Month – August 2015

Kick Some Ball In Buttonheads 2

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Pool games fans will love this game! Your goal is to push the ball off the screen, but you have a limited number of shots. There will be three different balls: grey, orange and yellow. Your task is to shoot the grey ones and get them out of the table or into the holes. At the first levels there will be just one ball to shoot, and that will be easy for you. But later there will be more and more balls. Whatever you do, do not touch orange balls because they can bring you trouble.
You need to get all the balls off the screen, with the least number of shots. You control it only with your mouse. You will use it to aim, choose the power of the shot and to release the shot. But you will get familiar with it soon since it’s not so difficult. And if you like billiards, Buttonheads 2 is the right game for you!


Monkey go Happy mini monkeys 3: The Third Spin Off

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If you’ve ever wanted to have a pet, but is not possible because you can’t afford it, you have no time for it 24/7 or you are not allowed to, or whatsoever reasons, now, Monkey Go Happy mini monkeys 2 is for people like you.
The monkeys and graphics are still the same from the PC Game Monkey Go Happy, but there are now different objectives. Instead of finishing a one-act scenario, your goal here is to find all 15 mini monkeys and put them back to your basket to make your monkey happy again. There are hidden places or closed places to access in every level. You must find keys, or whatever objects that will let you access those places where some mini monkeys are trapped in. What you have to do is to simply click the mouse every time. Get the least clicks as possible. Make your monkey happy with this fun game.

Monkey go Happy mini monkeys 3 (1)

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