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Month – September 2015

Search and escape the house in House of Anubis

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Life is incomplete without the touch of spice, thrill, and excitement. It is indeed true because life is boring without fun and adventure. Gladly, there are tons of flash games existing online to give entertainment to many gamers worldwide. There are types of games that focus on happiness, uniqueness, a bit of scary vibes but mostly exciting. The good thing about variety is that players will have options on what to play depending on their wants and preference. One example is the flash games called House of Anubis.


It is a game with a combination of thrill, excitement, and scary vibes. This is based on the series called House of Anubis from Nickelodeon. The goal of the game is very simple. As a player, you will have to explore the house of Anubis as well as collect all the necessary clues available as you explore the whole house. Use the arrow keys to navigate and space to interact. It is ok to be afraid but make sure you are able to escape.

Travel the world with Amigo Pancho 4

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Pancho is a mustached Mexican man in pursuit of tacos. When he was trapped in a giant canyon, he escaped using only two balloons. In Amigo Pancho 4, the objective is for Pancho to attend several events and must make it to his destination right on time with the same two balloons. This installment brings a wide variety of new challenges and obstacles and new features.
While traveling around the world to reach his destinations, he will meet bandits which he must defeat. He will encounter numerous puzzles to solve. And he will have to avoid lots of deadly traps and obstacles along the journey. Amigo Pancho 4 has additional unique and exciting thirty levels. Travel the world with Pancho, and help him defeat the notorious bandits, get past through obstacles and deadly traps and help him solve puzzles. At the same time, enhance your skills.


Flying devices in Learn to Fly 4

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Why flash games exist? Do you know their importance at all? If you are clueless or not sure about the game, it is fine because you will find the explanations here in this articles as well as the chance to know a flash game that is part of a successful series. Flash games are important in attaining entertainment when one is bored or wants to kill time. They are also useful in teaching young minds because there are educational games existing too. The name of the flash game mentioned below is Learn to Fly 4.
This is the fourth edition from the game series called Learn to Fly. If you are an avid fan of this series, you will see new things in this fourth one. The focus in this game is that the penguin will have to utilize the flying machines. There are machines like planes and rockets that the player will have to use wisely in order for the penguin to reach farther and longer distances as much as possible.


Help Simon Defend the Treasure In Raft Wars

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Raft Wars is a fun game of target shooting. You would be hooked up with this game. Simon is a young fellow who, while playing, dug a treasure. And as usual, pirates, Vikings and foes of different sorts wanted to have that treasure for themselves. You must help Simon and his brother defend the treasure by defeating those foes.
In Raft Wars, good approximation is needed since when shooting, the target is not on the screen. You must manage your weapons and crew. The tennis ball is unlimited to use but you will need to buy the others. Plus you can only buy them for a number. But the more shots you make before defeating the opponents, the lesser points you will earn. That would give you lesser means to upgrade the raft and opportunity to buy other weapons. Click to find out more.

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