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Month – October 2015

Help the Princess Escape in The Shotgun Princess

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Do you like playing flash games with princesses on it? Then check out The Shotgun Princess by Luke Harwath. In this point and click puzzle game, the main character is a princess with yes, a shotgun to protect herself from the ill hearted witch and goblins. Your mission is to help her get out of her own house and into safety.

The game has great visuals with nice warm colors which makes it refreshing to the eye. Not only does this game fun to play with because of its storyline and great characters, it is also a quite challenging puzzle game. Some of the items you find needs to be combined with other items for them to be of use to you. Players who have played this game enjoyed it to the point of recommending it to their friends and thus making it even more popular than it already is.


Enjoy and have fun in Uphill Rush 7

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Have you ever played the Uphill Rush series? If you have, here is another sequel to add to your fun. And if you have not yet, check out the thrill Uphill Rush game series bring. Uphill Rush 7 brings you to Waterpark. In this series, you will opt to play for either day or night. Like its prequels, you have to finish the easy mode to unlock the normal mode; and complete the normal mode to unlock the hard mode.

In Uphill Rush 7, you earn cash and will not lose it even though you fail to finish the race. You get the chance to upgrade to better rides therefor giving you chances to finish the race a little easier. Uphill Rush 7 is as challenging as ever as the previous series. Its webpage is an important site you must visit to know more and play.

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A new era of solitaire is here in Fashion Solitaire

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Fashion solitaire has given the classic game ‘solitaire’ a completely new fashionable side. It takes the basic concept of solitaire (the card game) and turns it into a designing experience. The main catch is to create interesting and unique fashion and dresses for models and host a fashion show after each stage.


First, you have to start with limited number of prints and styles but with the progression of the game, you can unlock and access other print and styles too. You can also design your own creations and add it to your deck. Creation of more than 500 garments is possible so players don’t need to limit their thoughts. Here players can have a wide scope of opportunities to show their creativity and fashion sense. In the game, there are 48 rounds and 8 different and unique stages, so it’s a vast game to complete.

Guide and navigate the cute stick figure in Fancy Pants 1

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Fancy Pants 1 is a crazy and fun platform game which is intended for young ones and even adults. This is the first edition from the booming game series called Fancy Pants. The player’s objective is quite simple and easy. You can find different great features and graphics in this flash game. There are two reasons why you will love this game even more. One is because of the cute character that you will be guiding and navigating. Second is because of the controls which are very easy to understand and execute. Continue reading this whole content to attain certain details about this game.


The mission is to run and jump across the platforms and navigate through different levels as well as reach the final door to complete the game. The task is simple but there are hinders and dangers along the platforms which you need to deal with as well as survive. Spiders are the usual enemies but you can jump over them to eliminate them. Collect many swirls as much as possible to gain higher scores. You can browse that information online by searching for its main site.

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