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Month – November 2015

Real Time Zombies in Zombie Shooter

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Several shooting games of today contains zombies as the primary antagonist in the story and are always the targets in missions. This may be due to the fact they nobody likes these viscous creatures who are said to be brought back to life by witchcraft of some sort. Most people say zombies are not for real, but in a game called Zombie Shooter, zombies do come alive in this almost real first person shooter game.

Zombie Shooter (3)

The flow of the game as well as its graphics makes it more believable compared to other games of the same genre. Try playing this game on its official website or any of the various gaming websites online that offer this particular game to see it for yourself. Ask your friends to play this game too so you can see who does it better. Conquer your fear of zombies in this game of action filled thriller and adventure.

Get Ready for Effing Worms

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Prepare yourself for a killing rampage with Effing Worms. Effing worms is a flash game centered around a worm as a killing machine who is out to kill unsuspecting people. In this game of blood bath, you get to play the worm. Control the worm to surface onto the ground to eat all living matters in order to make your worm grow and achieve the goal for you to get through the next level.


After each level are two choices for your worms upgrade, one is offense and the other is defense. Make sure you choose wisely though because the same options won’t be available next time. Although your worm is quite big and strong, it also has a health level which you need to watch out for. Avoid crashing into bombs and mines to keep your worm alive. Click on the game’s website www.effingworms2.com/effing-worms to discover more about this awesome game.

Test Your Skills In Korbats Lab

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Korbats Lab is very fun and interesting game. It requires your concentration and skills. Your goal is to destroy all the boxes in the screen by hitting them with your ball. You will launch your ball with your space key and then move your paddle with arrow keys to hit the ball when it comes back to the ground. Your ball will hit the walls, other objects in its way, it will hit the boxes and return to the ground. When it returns you need to hit it again, until you destroy all the boxes.

Korbats Lab

Some of the boxes will contain bonuses, so when you hit them you will receive that bonus. You need to catch them also with your paddle. There will be some spiders and korbats trying to distract your balls direction, but you need to overcome this challenge. So do you think you are able to complete all fifty levels?

Survive in Gun Mayhem 6

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Are you a Gun Mayhem game series fan? You will surely love the sixth installment, the Gun Mayhem 6. It is a fun shooting game with added thrill for the players. You have to use tactics to destroy the enemies. Enemies are powerful than ever. First, create and name your character.


You can play in four different game modes: the Survival Mode, the Zombie Survival, the Super Survival Mode and the Stinky Bean Survival Mode. Use Letters A and D keys to turn left or right, Letter w key to jump, Letter S key to duck. Press letters E and Q to your weapon. Press letter P key to pause the game. And use your mouse to aim and shoot the target. Gun Mayhem 6 is an action strategy game that many gamers are taking interest. It is a multiplayer game that family and friends can play during bonding time.

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