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Month – February 2016

Conquer the lands in Warlords Epic Conflict

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Do you enjoy playing war games? You will surely have fun playing Warlords: Epic Conflict. After a long period of time, war has once again on the land of Beneril. Choose which side are you on: Men of the West, the Undead, Orcs of the South, Orcs of the North, Wood Elves, High Elves, Human Alliance or Mountain Trolls. Each race has a special ability. Then choose a destination for your army; if an enemy owns it, you will have to fight for it.

Warlords Epic Conflict

When you win a battle, you can upgrade your army, defenses and abilities. You can also buy new units. Use your mouse to play the game and playing is for free. The difficulty of the battle increases as you move forward. Warlords: Epic Conflict is another addicting war game that involves great strategies. You can get more information as you play the game.

Catch your fishes in Fishing Craze

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If you love fishing but does not have a place to go fishing or no time to prepare for everything, you will surely enjoy Fishing Craze game. Choose your character couple at the beginning of the game. Catch as many fishes as you can to earn points and win the contests. Rank at the top in the amateur, pro and even in the elite. If you cannot make it to the top, at least be in the third place for to you can level up.

Fishing Craze (5)

Fishing Craze (5)

Use your mouse to move your boat, left click to lower or lift your fishing hook. Do not forget to catch your fish from the air to gain points. Fishing Craze is an addicting fun sports game. You can play it for free online or download the trial version for free. Buy the full version for more levels and tournaments, wider variety of fishes and be able to upgrade your fishing equipment.

Fishing Craze (3)

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