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Month – March 2016

Save the world from the evil shapes in Red Ball 4

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Shapes are good themes and backgrounds in different entertainment mediums because they are are simple, familiar and common. Simple because of the look they have which is entertaining in a good way. Familiar because we all know them and it is easy to deal or engage with them. Common because we see them in our daily activities. This article is presenting a flash game that incorporates and maximizes the presence of shapes. It is called Red Ball 4. Check it out at http://redball4.org/play-red-ball-4/. This is already the fourth installment from the game series called Red Ball.

The story in this game is that the evil squares are trying to turn the round world into square. You must help the red ball stop the evil ones before it is too late. Control and navigate the red ball and reach the flag as quick as possible. There are 15 levels that everyone can truly enjoy.


Find the Milk Treasure in Milk Quest

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Are you a cat lover? If so, your heart would probably break seeing this kitten hungry yet found no milk in the jar. Luckily, a map came by showing him a path to the Milk Treasure. Help the poor little kitten in his quest for milk in Milk Quest. Point then click on objects, animals and things to move them or make them do something that could cause a chain reaction.

The level is done when you see the arrow to the way out appears. Assist the little kitten as he goes through the dangerous places with dangerous creatures. Help it knock off wild beasts and animals and escape death over and over. Milk Quest is a point and click puzzle adventure game. It may be boring for those who are not challenged by solving puzzles. But those who have a heart for cats will surely enjoy it.

Milk Quest (2)

Attend parties with Amigo Pancho 4

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Pancho is back with his balloons. This time, he intends to attend several events and parties. He must make it to his destination right on time with the same two balloons. And he needs your help to do this. Help Amigo Pancho in his quest to travel around the world to reach his destination. But as you travel with Pancho, you will meet notorious bandits which you must defeat. Amigo Pancho 4 also brings a wide variety of new challenges and obstacles and new features.

You will be encountering numerous puzzles to solve. And you will be avoiding plenty deadly traps and get past through obstacles as you journey around. Amigo Pancho 4 is another addicting addition to the Amigo Pancho game series. It helps you enhance your skills too. Once again assist this mustached Mexican man who was in pursuit of tacos and now a party lover.


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