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Month – May 2016

Help the orphans in Furtive Dao

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Are you familiar with Furtive Dao? If you are clueless, it is fine because you will eventually be enlightened as you read along with this content. Furtive Dao is not a title of a great movie or a famous television series but an interesting flash game. This has a touch of Chinese if you will simply base on the title alone. This is an action-packed game with a great cause or objective. It features a cute panda with a great mission.


The story in this game is that the orphans in a shelter really need help in terms of money, food and clothing. The panda is the one that has the heart to fulfill their needs. The mission of the players is to tackle or play the role of the panda. Try to kill or defeat different baddies on the place and stole their money. Although stealing is a bad thing, but in this game, the money or product will go to a positive outcome. Try your best to unleash your skills in defeating enemies as many as possible.

Smash more zombies in Earn to Die 2012 Part 3

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Are you an Earn to Die game series fan? The zombie apocalypse continues. You must once again aim to reach a safe haven from all of them. There are three levels to complete in Earn to Die 2012 Part 3. You are given five thousand five hundred cash at the beginning of the game, enough to purchase your first vehicle: the van. And you can start upgrading a part or two of the vehicle. Run as far as you can while earning cash as you smash zombies along the way.


Continue upgrading your vehicle to reach level 2 as soon as possible. When you reach the second level, you also unlock the second vehicle, the flatbed truck. And when you reach the last level, you will also unlock the last vehicle, the tanker truck. Just like in the previous versions, you will begin upgrading each vehicle from scratch for the upgrades on each vehicle are incompatible with other vehicles.

Expand your base in Paper Defense

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Another challenging defense tower game is Paper Defense game. Your main goal is to protect your trophy from the enemies. Put up guns to defend your base. You can choose Start Game or Survival at the beginning of the game. In Start Game, you will need to survive fifty waves of enemy attacks. Then choose the mode of difficulty you like: easy, normal or hard.

The game offers a tutorial of first timer players. Connect different types of walls to expand your base. Each kind of wall gives different types of bonuses such more money when enemy is killed, more damage to the enemy and longer range for the gun. You earn when you kill enemies. You need cash to be able to expand and make your defense stronger. Paper Defense is an action shooting game. You need strategy to be able to gain cash and build stronger defense.


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