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Month – August 2016

vex 3 walkthrough

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Do you want an exciting game that could give you some adrenaline rush? Play the Vex game series then. Do some running, jumping, swimming and sliding. Move fast but be careful. Do not be caught on obstacles and traps. Play the first Vex game first as a warm up. And when you are through with Vex 2, be ready for more and brand new adventure in the third installment. You can Play vex 3 for free in gaming sites that offer it.

Vex 3 is the third sequel of the game, and probably the hardest among the three. It is filled with more complex strategy and challenging levels. It is more than a skill game of running, jumping, swimming and sliding. And remember, you can Play vex 3 for free. Here is a short walkthrough of the early stages of the game.


At the beginning of the game, there is a short tutorial where you will learn the basics and some of the obstacles you will encounter in the succeeding levels. Just like in the previous versions, the spikes are not your friend. Falling too high is fatal. There are platforms than fall down when you step on them, so you must run fast when going through them. You should not be squeezed in between platforms.

It is said that Act 1 is a recap of Vex 2, there are old obstacles from Vex 2. In Act 2, you will be playing underwater. You must pay attention to your stickman’s breath bar so he will not drown. Also, you will also push and kick some boxes to where they should be in this level. You will also do a lot of wall jumping and wall climbing. Act 3 introduces swing balls and ice blocks.

In Act 4, you will encounter more obstacles and new platforms. There are blocks with arrows which are called Speed Blocks. When you run through them, they will make your stickman run faster to the direction of the arrow on them. Lasers are also introduced. In Act 5, more dangerous obstacles are added. Vex 3 has ten standard levels and nine challenge stages. You can find complete walkthrough videos over the internet. You can Play vex 3 for free using this link.

Keep the insect rolling and running in Bug on a Wire

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Every living thing in this world has a purpose and importance. One of the most underrated living things are the insects. Most often than not, people are scared and irritated with insects due to certain reasons like their looks or smell. But some are clueless that insects have their purpose and importance in the ecosystem. We should be aware that they are not all dangerous and should be given care and respect instead. To appreciate their worth, there is a flash game that incorporates a type of insect.

Bug On A Wire (1)

The name of the game is Bug on a Wire. The bug, which is the main character in this game, is continuously moving on different wires above. Your mission as the player is to keep the bug on moving by hurdling the obstacles on its way. Control and navigate the bug by making it jump all over the crows and other stuffs to stay alive. As long as the insect is running and moving, you are good to go but if it touches one of the hinders, you will have to restart all over again.

Get the balls in the right amphoras in Civiballs

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Are you looking for a game to spend some spare time? Do you want a game where you do not need to exert too much effort? Play the game Civiballs then. It is a fun logic skill game where you will cut the chains of the balls considering where it will go and what will happen next. You main goal is to get the balls to the amphoras with the same color as the ball. There are three countries to explore: Greece, China and Egypt, each with ten levels.

So you will be solving thirty levels in all. Some levels are easy, some are a bit hard but not impossible to solve. Mostly, you need to cut the chains at the right or precise time. Civiballs is a challenging but addicting physics game. If you ever got stuck in a level or you feel like giving up, you can check the Walkthrough for help.

Civiballs (1)

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