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Be the one in Duck Life 1

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Do you like challenging adventure game? If you are an animal-lover and loves training them, you will surely enjoy the duck life 1 game. Your challenge is to train the duckling in different skills and win tournaments.

In duck life 1, you play as the farm owner. And the story began when you lost your farm and everything in it to a great tornado. All crops, livestock and even structures were devastated. Nothing useful was left except for one duck egg alone. Upset at what had happened to your livelihood, you thought of training the duckling the moment it hatch from its egg to be a good racer. Duck racing is widely held in your place. You are not a gambler, yet you intend to use the winnings in reinstating your once beautiful farm.

Test your patience in training your duckling in duck life 1. There are three skills to train your duckling. You will train it to be fast in running, in flying and in swimming. The game interface is friendly. You will find the different tabs at the top of the Main Menu screen. The tabs are: Enter Race, Train Running, Train Flying and Train Swimming. You will see the levels of your duckling’s running, flying and swimming abilities and the level of its energy at the top left of the screen.

There are various races to join which are held in different places. You will win a specific amount of coins and unlocks a hat style or a duck color whenever you win first place in a race. Use those coins to buy seeds for your duckling. There are two kinds of seeds to feed your duckling: the ordinary seed and the skill seed. The ordinary seed which costs one coin increases your energy level. While the skill seed that costs ten coins increases not only your energy level but also your skills levels.


In duck life, you can also use your winnings in the Duck Shop. There you can buy hats and duck colors. However, hats and duck colors do not affect your duckling athletically. They only make your duckling trendy and in fashion.

Updated: November 29, 2016 — 1:25 am

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