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Escape in Earn to Die 6

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From the first Earn to Die game, so many sequels had been released. All of these sequels have one gameplay: drive a vehicle while killing zombies along the way, upgrade it and acquire two more vehicles which you will also upgrade. Only the third vehicle can make it to the goal provided it is fully upgraded.

In the conclusion of the game series, Earn to Die 6 or also known as Earn to Die 2 Exodus game, you as the survivor will head to Refuge Harbor for the Exodus Military Base cannot hold back anymore. The game started with a video clip where you have seen a broadcast where survivors are being advised to head to Refuge Harbor immediately for their last transport is about to leave for said Harbor. From there, they will be brought to a safe place. But to get there, you will need a vehicle.

earntodie2-exodus (4)

You first car in the Exodus game is a jeep. You also have thirty dollars which you can initially use for upgrading. It would be best to upgrade your fuel tank first so your vehicle can run farther. Each run is equal to a day. You also earn cash each time you run which amount depends on how many zombies you have killed and how long you have reached. At the end of the day, you should upgrade your vehicle so it would reach longer distance the next day.

In this Exodus game, you will unlock the next vehicle when you finish the first level. However, all upgrades you have made in your first vehicle are not applicable or compatible with the other vehicles. So you will be upgrading the second vehicle again from scratch. The same is true with the third vehicle. You will unlock the third vehicle when you finish the second level.

The Exodus game, like any other Earn to Die games, is an addicting challenging action adventure game. You will surely be hooked up to the game as you play. And if ever this is your first time to play an Earn To Die game, you will certainly love to play all other Earn to Die games.

Updated: February 20, 2017 — 1:45 am

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