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It is robbing with a purpose in Super Sneak

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We are all aware that robbing something is a crime that shouldn’t be tolerated at all times. We should always remember that it is not right to get the things or money that aren’t ours. But if you talk about the gaming world, this particular crime can be a great theme for entertainment purpose only and nothing else. One example is the game called Super Sneak. This is created by Play Hub and have been serving entertainment since 2014.

Super Sneak  (5)

The story in this game is that you are in love with Sophie and you promised to do everything for her. What she wants are jewelries and other glamorous things which will lead to your transformation of being a robber. Your mission is to rob groceries stores, malls, banks and houses without getting caught by cops. Just like the scene that you are able to watch in some movies, the levels in this game gets harder to achieve.

Updated: June 7, 2016 — 7:14 pm

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