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Utilize your great guiding skills in Fancy Pants

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Fancy Pants is a crazy and fun platform game series which is existing online for quite some time now. This game series features a stick figure that wears fancy pants that is why it is named as it is. The player’s objective is quite simple and easy. You can find different great features and graphics in this flash game. There are two reasons why you will love this game even more. One is because of the cute character that you will be guiding and navigating. Second is because of the controls which are very easy to understand and execute. Continue reading this whole content to attain certain details about this game.

The mission is to run and jump across the platforms and navigate through different levels as well as reach the final door to complete the game. The task is simple but there are hinders and dangers along the platforms which you need to deal with as well as survive. Spiders are the usual enemies but you can jump over them to eliminate them. Collect many swirls as much as possible to gain higher scores. Utilize your guiding skills to succeed in this series.


Win against opponents’ cards in Ethereal Masters 2

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If you are into strategy games, try your mind skill in Ethereal Masters 2. It is a strategy card game, just like its prequel. At the beginning of the game, you are given five monster cards. You will place it on a board to battle with your opponents’ card. The goal of the game is to own more cards by winning against your opponents’ cards. You capture your opponents’ card if your card has an arrow pointing to his card and your card has a higher attack value is higher than the opponents’ card’s defense value.


Take note that there are elements in the card that would affect the power of the card: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Magic and Neutral. There are also special tiles on the board to make the game more complicated: the Blocks, Holes and Element Tiles. You can use these special tiles to your advantage but beware for they can also be detrimental to your attacks.

It is robbing with a purpose in Super Sneak

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We are all aware that robbing something is a crime that shouldn’t be tolerated at all times. We should always remember that it is not right to get the things or money that aren’t ours. But if you talk about the gaming world, this particular crime can be a great theme for entertainment purpose only and nothing else. One example is the game called Super Sneak. This is created by Play Hub and have been serving entertainment since 2014.

Super Sneak  (5)

The story in this game is that you are in love with Sophie and you promised to do everything for her. What she wants are jewelries and other glamorous things which will lead to your transformation of being a robber. Your mission is to rob groceries stores, malls, banks and houses without getting caught by cops. Just like the scene that you are able to watch in some movies, the levels in this game gets harder to achieve.

Help the orphans in Furtive Dao

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Are you familiar with Furtive Dao? If you are clueless, it is fine because you will eventually be enlightened as you read along with this content. Furtive Dao is not a title of a great movie or a famous television series but an interesting flash game. This has a touch of Chinese if you will simply base on the title alone. This is an action-packed game with a great cause or objective. It features a cute panda with a great mission.


The story in this game is that the orphans in a shelter really need help in terms of money, food and clothing. The panda is the one that has the heart to fulfill their needs. The mission of the players is to tackle or play the role of the panda. Try to kill or defeat different baddies on the place and stole their money. Although stealing is a bad thing, but in this game, the money or product will go to a positive outcome. Try your best to unleash your skills in defeating enemies as many as possible.

Smash more zombies in Earn to Die 2012 Part 3

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Are you an Earn to Die game series fan? The zombie apocalypse continues. You must once again aim to reach a safe haven from all of them. There are three levels to complete in Earn to Die 2012 Part 3. You are given five thousand five hundred cash at the beginning of the game, enough to purchase your first vehicle: the van. And you can start upgrading a part or two of the vehicle. Run as far as you can while earning cash as you smash zombies along the way.


Continue upgrading your vehicle to reach level 2 as soon as possible. When you reach the second level, you also unlock the second vehicle, the flatbed truck. And when you reach the last level, you will also unlock the last vehicle, the tanker truck. Just like in the previous versions, you will begin upgrading each vehicle from scratch for the upgrades on each vehicle are incompatible with other vehicles.

Expand your base in Paper Defense

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Another challenging defense tower game is Paper Defense game. Your main goal is to protect your trophy from the enemies. Put up guns to defend your base. You can choose Start Game or Survival at the beginning of the game. In Start Game, you will need to survive fifty waves of enemy attacks. Then choose the mode of difficulty you like: easy, normal or hard.

The game offers a tutorial of first timer players. Connect different types of walls to expand your base. Each kind of wall gives different types of bonuses such more money when enemy is killed, more damage to the enemy and longer range for the gun. You earn when you kill enemies. You need cash to be able to expand and make your defense stronger. Paper Defense is an action shooting game. You need strategy to be able to gain cash and build stronger defense.


Eliminate the tiny creatures in Tiny Combat

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Tiny Combat is a flash game which is about shooting and war. This is created and developed by FlashGames247.com and is released in 2005. A lot of gamers are able to experience this particular game and the feedbacks are positive because of two reasons. First is because of the fact that the game features tiny creatures which excite and thrill gamers around the world. Second is because of the fact that the game also incorporates shooting and war fights which make the gamers feel like they’re in a real battle. Your mission in this game is to eliminate the tiny soldiers who are trying to capture or get your flag. You must protect your flag with all of your capabilities.

There will be parachutes falling down that contain weapons which are very integral in your success in this game. One thing that is great about this particular game is that it enables you to improve your eyesight since you are dealing with tiny creatures or soldiers.

Tiny Combat (4)

Manage your team in Sniper Team 2

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Have you ever wanted to be a soldier? Whether you are an aspirant soldier or a frustrated one, you can make that dream come true in playing Sniper Team game series. The second episode of the popular Sniper Team is here with more action to enjoy. In this game, you will play as a team of snipers. There are four snipers to manage, positioned in different angles.


You can switch snipers by pressing the number assigned to it. And switch weapons by pressing the letter Q key. You will be given missions which you must fulfill while killing enemies too. Prepare to shoot enemies with your four snipers. You can zoom in your target by pressing space bar. You have to look for your enemies as described in your mission and kill them all. Sniper Team 2 is a challenging shooting game one should not miss.

Trap the bunnies in where are my bunnies

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It is time to give some help! A farmer needs it to catch back all his bunnies that had escaped. They are all running away but the farmer thought of a way to get them all back. Use the given items to lure the bunnies into the cages. Put the items strategically so you can achieve the game’s dual goals, collect the stars and trap the bunnies.


Activating the wolf decoy would make them run but make sure they run into the cage. And before they get in the cages, you should be able to collect all three stars. The faster you collect them, the higher your score will be. The spring will make them jump. Crates can be used to block or push enemies. Bushes are used as hiding places from the fox. Where are my bunnies is a fun adventure game.

Save the world from the evil shapes in Red Ball 4

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Shapes are good themes and backgrounds in different entertainment mediums because they are are simple, familiar and common. Simple because of the look they have which is entertaining in a good way. Familiar because we all know them and it is easy to deal or engage with them. Common because we see them in our daily activities. This article is presenting a flash game that incorporates and maximizes the presence of shapes. It is called Red Ball 4. Check it out at http://redball4.org/play-red-ball-4/. This is already the fourth installment from the game series called Red Ball.

The story in this game is that the evil squares are trying to turn the round world into square. You must help the red ball stop the evil ones before it is too late. Control and navigate the red ball and reach the flag as quick as possible. There are 15 levels that everyone can truly enjoy.


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