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Ride and Show off your Moves in CycloManiacs Racers

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Ride across deserts, volcanoes and even in the moon in CycloManiacs Racers. Explore different tracks and enjoy the beautiful sounds and sights that the game has to offer. Race to the finish line and see who gets there first while jumping up and down and flashing your sick tricks. This bike racing game will be one of the games that you will be playing for a very long time.

Races happen in different worlds, or areas, where in you have to win medals to unlock the next stage. You make your racer accelerate or decelerate by using the Up and Down arrow keys or the W and S keys. While in midair you can use the left and right arrow key or the A and D key to make your racer lean forward or backwards. The X or Spacebar will make your racer perform a bunny hop or if you time it really well while jumping off a ramp you can increase the jump’s height. There are 20 racers that you can play with, each with different bike and style. However, they are not yet opened as you start CycloManiacs Racers and you will have to unlock each of them one by one by accomplishing some tasks that require some of your riding skills. The areas and worlds are also unlocked by the same pattern; race, win and complete task. You will also win cash after each race that can be used to upgrade driving stats; these upgrades are applied to all of your racers so you won’t need to upgrade each one separately.

Cyclomaniacs (4)

CycloManiac Racers is a fun racing game that will take bike riding to the next level, check out the wide selection of the characters and learn how or why they are racing. There are ninjas, pirates, daredevils and even dinosaurs that ride the bike, a little story can be read for each in the character select menu. Try out the game at http://cyclomaniacs3.net/cyclomaniacs-racers.

Updated: July 31, 2016 — 8:44 pm

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