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Save the world in Red Ball 6

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Red Ball 6 is another sequel in the game series Red Ball which you will find in the red ball official site. This can be considered as one of the most favorite games of online gamers. Just like in the previous series of this game, the Red Ball should be guided in its journey until it finishes the level. Do not be smug because you will encounter different hard obstacles along your way. Try your best to get through all these challenges and have your mission accomplished. Another exciting add on in this series is its colorful graphics and good storyline in every episode. This will surely hook your interest in playing Red Ball 6 in the red ball official site.

Red Ball 6 is the final sequel of Red Ball 4. This series has new interesting levels, harder obstacles, stronger enemies and exciting achievements. Though, your ultimate mission is to bring the ball at the end of every level, it is also your mission to prevent the bad black squares’ Big Boss from making the whole world into a dark black square. Take an extra care in going to the deadly factory. Take note, in the said factory, red balls are turning into red squares. Just jump, roll, jump and roll along different hurdles along the way. Your accomplishments are being recorded in the achievements room. You can find that by checking the level set menu.

As you continue your journey, do not forget to get the stars that you will see on your way because that will give you a satisfactory score. Take note, black squares are always a hindrance in attaining your goal. Worry not, you can easily kill those by jumping on them but be careful and do not let the lasers hit you in anyway. Remember, when you jump and fall, that is equivalent to a life loss.


Red Ball 6 has fifteen challenging levels to accomplish. When you reach the last level, the Big Boss is waiting for you to challenge him. He is not an easy opponent, but if you really want to have the game favored on you and have it finished, do all your best to defeat him. Play the game for free in the red ball official site.

Updated: October 4, 2016 — 10:16 pm

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