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If you love shooting games, it is a must then that you Play Strike Force Heroes game series. Experience the war-like game in a futuristic setting. Each and every installment is full of action and excitement. You will be shooting enemies all over the place, and it is a must that you win.

Strike Force Heroes 3, the third installment in the series, begins with a cutscene where a meeting is transpiring in a secret hideout. GlobeX is discussing a hideous plan with his allies. The Strike Force Heroes were cloned and under their control. And they are planning to deploy the army of clones all around the world. Fortunately, there is one that is not yet controlled and that is none other than you. It is now your job to stop the dreadful plan of GlobeX and his allies. Do everything you can to stop the army of clones.


If you Play Strike Force Heroes 3, your gun firing skills and speed will be put to test. Shoot all enemies on sight. Grab power ups which are useful as you battle. In case you die, you need not worry. You only have to wait for yourself to spawn. Only, as you spawn, you are losing time to kill enemies. That means you are in delay to reach your goal or objective. You will face the enemies in fifty missions. The first twenty of these missions are in normal difficulty. The next nine are considered in hard difficulty. And the remaining missions are said to be the most difficult missions.

Each and every mission has its own objectives and rewards. You could get cash or a new class of strike force heroes or a combination of both as a reward. In addition to the rewards, you also unlock the next mission if you win. At the end of each mission, you can also upgrade your heroes and avail of accessories too.

You can play Strike Force Heroes for no fee at all online. So forget any sites which will ask you for any payment in any form. You also do not need to create or log in to any account to Play Strike Force Heroes.

Updated: September 24, 2016 — 12:33 pm

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