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Win against opponents’ cards in Ethereal Masters 2

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If you are into strategy games, try your mind skill in Ethereal Masters 2. It is a strategy card game, just like its prequel. At the beginning of the game, you are given five monster cards. You will place it on a board to battle with your opponents’ card. The goal of the game is to own more cards by winning against your opponents’ cards. You capture your opponents’ card if your card has an arrow pointing to his card and your card has a higher attack value is higher than the opponents’ card’s defense value.


Take note that there are elements in the card that would affect the power of the card: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Magic and Neutral. There are also special tiles on the board to make the game more complicated: the Blocks, Holes and Element Tiles. You can use these special tiles to your advantage but beware for they can also be detrimental to your attacks.

Updated: June 8, 2016 — 6:10 am

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